Who We Are

We’re Stream, the modern loss adjusters

Stream is a multi-service modern loss adjusting and claims management business. A clear focus on the property market gives us a niche positioning that brings very specific expertise, experience and innovation to our work. This provides our clients and customers with superior service, better cost management, and opportunities to settle claims more effectively, quickly and fairly.

Born from the belief that delivering extraordinary service to customers ultimately results in better outcomes for all the parties involved, we provide a fresh and modern outlook that delivers new and exciting solutions to often age-old problems of claims resolution and settlement.

What We Think

Stream is obsessed with our customers – those individuals, families and businesses that make a valid claim on their policy, and who have the right to expect an extraordinary service to settle their claim speedily, effectively and fairly. We live and breathe service delivery from the very first time we hear of a claim to the very last moment in which the claim is settled and completed.

At the same time, we have an overarching responsibility to our insurer and corporate clients to manage their costs, prevent fraud, and seek new ways to drive better methods of working. Our job is to help to deliver the benefits that customers are entitled to in such a way as to provide our clients with a seamless, professional and forward-looking capability that enhances their position in the marketplace.

We make no apologies for always being dissatisfied – constantly seeking new ways of working, better ways of managing, and striving for improvement in the settlement of all claims be they large or small. Ours is a solution-centred business that proactively seeks to create the next generation of answers whilst delivering today new standards of service and support.

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