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Delivering a great claims experience for customers and clients

Our key focus is to deliver a claims experience that provides rapid, effective and fair solutions for customers whilst maintaining cost management and risk oversight for our insurer clients. No matter the level or complexity of claim, or the detail of the solutions required, our job is to bring an unswerving, intense and obsessive commitment to getting the job done.

The right technology, suppliers and logistics help us to achieve our customers’ goals. But ultimately it is who we are and how we work that provides the answers.

Stream – Making a difference

What we do for you

How do you provide an unparalleled claims experience? By combining highly skilled and dedicated people, best practice processes and industry leading technology. Stream’s innovative technology, efficient processes and experienced people provide you with superior and unique claims service outcomes.

Meet and exceed expectations
Provide the best possible customer claims experience
Deliver control over your claims objectives
Reduce claims timetables and cost

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Our stories

When Customers Require Very Special Consideration

Elderly and vulnerable customers may need special treatment. In this instance Stream were able to find better solutions that were especially helpful to the customer.

Have You Heard The One About The Flood?

What do you get when Stream Claim Services, a Chief Fire Officer and a local training college get together? Great customer service – no joke!

Simple Claims, Simple Solutions

A leaking immersion heater could have caused massive problems for our client’s customer but full settlement of the claim within 10 hours of first being told of the claim went some way towards reducing the stress, inconvenience and potential longer term costs.

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