It’s All About The Customer

Commentary by Jim Pittman, Managing Director, Stream Claims Services.

Our role as Loss Adjusters is to find solutions, manage claims, and provide answers. To the customer who has lost a valued piece of jewellery, been affected by a flood, or had their whole life thrown upside down by the loss of a smartphone, there is nothing more important than having their problems solved and the hassle taken away from them and given to someone else to handle – and therein lies the role of the modern Loss Adjuster.

Even the name ‘Loss Adjuster’ is something of a misnomer.

True, we are required to assess the loss and mitigate costs wherever possible and practical. It is certainly true that our expertise needs to be deployed in sourcing specialist skills and agreeing on the works to be done or best settlement options for the customer. In more complex situations the experience and technical knowledge of the Loss Adjuster need to be second to none.

However, beyond this initial deployment of knowledge, the key attribute of the modern Loss Adjuster is to manage the claim. We all know of situations which occur on a daily basis and which have almost become the norm – builders and associated services fail to work together in a cohesive fashion. Or appointments are missed. Worse still, promises are made and consistently broken.

The modern Loss Adjusting firm must take responsibility for all of these aspects of the claim. If we fail to focus on meeting customer needs then we fail in our true role.

Using Technology to Create Options

Of course, not every claim demands the specialist skills and knowledge of an onsite Loss Adjuster. As technology improves we can expect to see more claims handled from the desktop and – the ultimate goal – must be to have claims ‘untouched by a human hand’ wherever this is appropriate and welcomed by the customer. If we can find better, quicker and more effective solutions for customers, which also satisfy the needs of our insurer clients, then it is our responsibility to make these options available.

The modern Loss Adjuster must be constantly on the lookout for new solutions that bring added benefits to customers whilst helping insurer clients manage their exposure, risk and costs.

Many businesses proclaim their desire to place the customer at the centre of their business but few can honestly say they have achieved this goal. Here at Stream, we know that we are not there yet – but with a culture that demands even more of ourselves than our clients and customers, we believe that we are well on the way.

Jim Pittman
Managing Director
Stream Claims Services