Protecting The Environment

Domestic Escape of Oil Claims

Throughout our working day, the consultants and staff at Stream are always aware of our broader commitment to environmental protection, as well as our duties to clients and customers. It was this imperative that helped us to design a new process for tackling escape of oil claims in the domestic environment. Speed and expertise are essential in these circumstances and Stream has developed new processes and working methods that have achieved spectacular results.

Working with our partners, MEL Environmental Solutions, we have radically changed traditional methods of working. Nowadays we can survey, assess and recommend action in a single visit to the premises – eliminating costly second visits and reducing time delays.

Selective use of new treatment technologies and centres means that we can often avoid the use of traditional landfill solutions which, in turn, reduce costs still further.

Collaborative claims management as the project unfolds and the use of simple but effective technologies such as on-site video means that the problems are solved more quickly, at a lower cost and with better protection of the environment. At the same time, customers see speedier resolution of the issues they face and insurer clients can expect lower costs.

That’s what we call a win-win-win situation!!