New Digital Initiative

Stream Claims Services are committed to modernising the insurance claims industry, with the launch of Digital Site Notes in April 2017 being one of many initiatives.  Long gone are the days of pen and paper or clunky spreadsheets with broken formulas.  As Stream strive to bring a fresh approach, we are utilising the latest technology to speed up the claims process for Customers and Clients alike.

Stream stepped up to the challenge forming a project team to work with a specialist developer to create a product to address these issues.  Digital Site Notes enables same day reporting to insurers in a clean, modern format and also give our field team the ability to place work orders directly from site.

The in-built scoping tool has improved reserve accuracy and simplifies the option of cash settlements on site.  It is a combination of these factors which is contributing to a reduction in life cycles, and tighter cost control.

The modern world we live in demands ever-increasing and faster exchange of information and speedier settlements.  Digital Site Notes has been built with the future in mind, with Stream looking to move to a direct data exchange with clients.

Our Clients have been impressed with the finished product which respects the traditions of our industry whilst addressing modern day demands.