When Customers Require Very Special Consideration

Elderly customers are especially vulnerable to problems with water damage, boiler and heating issues. So it proved for our customer who, having also recently lost his wife, was in an especially emotional state. So when he returned from a hospital appointment to find major problems in his bathroom, and a complete loss of heating throughout the house, it seemed that everything was going against him and only a smooth and effective insurance claim could help him to sort matters quickly and without hassle.

Sadly, the original contractors appointed by the insurer were of little help. The plumber insisted that only a building contractor could remove the tiled bath panel for him to access the likely problem area. The restoration contractor that had also been appointed advised that the kitchen tiles might contain asbestos – so, once again, everyone waited for the building contractor who had been appointed but not yet been in contact.

Stream Finds Solutions – not Problems
At this stage Stream Claims Services were brought in to handle the claim and urgently resolve the situation for an elderly and vulnerable customer.

Within 2 hours of our arrival on site, a multi skilled contractor arrived who found a way to access the damaged area without disturbing the bathroom tiles. By that afternoon temporary repairs had been completed which allowed our customer to stay in the house. During the larger project needed to fully restore the damage, we worked with the customer to make sure that he never had to leave his home and to minimise inconvenience.

A very vulnerable customer was delighted with the outcome as was his family and the insurer.

Our job is not merely to manage claims – that’s the easy bit. Our job is to find solutions that work for everyone and, in this case, all it needed was a bit of inventiveness, a willingness to ‘think outside the box’ and to be driven by customer needs.

That’s why we’re here.